We are obsessed with the details and we bet you are, too. Even if you are not, but are overwhelmed with all of the planning for your wedding and want someone to step in and take over all the nitty-gritty details to be sure you aren’t missing anything, that’s where we come in! And if you are the extremely organized, detail-oriented type, we step in and handle the execution of your carefully-planned day so you are free to enjoy.

Some call it a “Day of Coordinator” or even “Month of Coordinator.” But we believe in managing every single elegant detail to make it beautifully done, so we call it “Wedding Management.” We believe in setting the perfect stage for your celebration. If your wedding is a Broadway production, we are your stage managers!


ELEGANTLY DETAILED — Planning Services + Wedding Management

BEAUTIFULLY DONE — Wedding Management (aka Day of Coordination)

CONSULTING — Hourly Issue Spot, Virtual Event Management

More information about what is included in each package is available in the downloadable PDF HERE.

Consulting begins at $150/hour while wedding packages start at $3,500. Please contact us for more information or for a complimentary consultation!


Wondering where to start?

While there is no “typical” when it comes to weddings as some are done in a matter of days and some couples are engaged for a few years, I’d say the average engagement and planning period is 9-12 months. Usually, the date is based on the venues the couple wants to book for their wedding day.

After a proposal, there is a barrage of “you must do this first!” items that all your friends and family will try to press upon you. Honestly, the most important thing to do is to find a venue for the ceremony and/or reception as this is usually the most limited, after all, there can’t be two receptions in the same room at the same time. The marriage is the reason for the day, so the ceremony location usually determines the area of the city or state where the celebration will take place. Typically that is booked first, either in a house of worship or a secular venue. Choosing this place usually also chooses the officiant, but not always.


Once a ceremony is booked, the reception is usually the next step. Then, other vendors can be added to the day like photographers, wedding coordinators, caterers (if not required by the venue), florists, and others.

When you do a Google search for vendors for your wedding, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed – there are SO many! The best advice for working with vendors is to make sure you like the person. You’re going to spend all day with that photographer and that DJ is going to make your reception a great party, so you want to be sure that your personalities are a match.


It’s also a great idea to talk to vendors who are personally recommended by someone you know. Do you have friends or family who have recently been married? Did you love their photos or adore their cake? Ask them which vendors they used! Alternatively, your wedding planner or other vendors will also have recommendations for all those vendors you might need.

Since Belle Fín focuses primarily on wedding management services, we tend to book up to six months in advance of the wedding date. Are you an uber planner like us? We can book up to two years in advance if you want!

Again, since we start working with the couple and their families in earnest about six weeks before the wedding, we like to have at least that long to work with our clients. The best case would be working with Belle Fín about 3-4 months before your wedding, if not sooner.

Belle Fín Productions is here for you – please contact us by email or phone and let’s talk!


At Belle Fín Productions, we know your time is important. Please feel free to email or give us a call. We try to respond to all messages within 24 hours, if not sooner.